Stigma Against Being Overweight Leads to More Health Problems

tunnel vision” by Matthias Ripp licensed under CC BY 2.0

Source: Five-Thirty-Eight

According to one new study published in the Obesity research journal, weight discrimination can lead to more health problems in overweight Americans. Researchers found that weight discrimination can often lead to psychiatric disorders, such as depression, in overweight people and lead them to be less likely to work toward a healthier lifestyle, such as avoiding exercise in the public altogether.

Perceived weight discrimination can also lead to a shorter life span, researchers found, and leads to stress in people who aren’t even overweight yet. Furthermore, the study also reconfirmed that families and people who are close to those who are overweight are often the source of stigmatizing.

Researchers pointed out that the idea that people who are overweight are lazy or lack willpower persists, even though there are many factors that go into a person’s weight, including the availability of healthful foods.

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