Experts List Ideas to Reduce Waste and Impact on the Environment

Source: The Guardian

Experts have put together a list of ways that people can change their consumption patterns in order to reduce their waste, reduce their impact on the environment and ultimately help themselves in ensuring that foods and water are not polluted.

  1. Reduce your food waste and get creative with leftovers. Food waste is one of the top contributors of emissions in the world, and it can all start with what you buy and use at your home. Experts suggest getting creative with how you use leftovers and bits that you might usually toss – like imperfect veggies or bread that is going stale. Organizations like “Imperfect Foods” helps you dig into your creativity when it comes to avoiding food waste.
  2. Use food waste reduction apps. There are apps available that connect people, restaurants and food businesses with opportunities to still sell foods and meals that might otherwise go to waste due to industry standards.
  3. Shop only for what you need. Experts suggest not shopping in bulk, which is how a lot of items go to waste. Shop for what you need only, and shop “often,” say experts, to improve your chances of buying only what you need for that week.
  4. Buy local. Experts encourage people to buy foods and items needed locally because it reduces the carbon footprint. (Imagine buying veggies from your local farmer, versus buying it a store, where it’s traveled hundreds of miles and likely has a ton of plastic packaging.)
  5. Whole-animal eating. If you consume meat, consider purchasing other parts of the animal, because it makes use of all the meat that comes from one animal. Experts suggest talking with butchers to learn more.
  6. Use simpler cleaning products. Many harsh chemicals in cleaners are toxic to the environment and to your home. Consider using cleaners and alternatives with fewer chemicals.
  7. Increase plants in your home. If you’re not allergic (rare!), increase the number of plants in your home, experts suggest. Plants help keep the environment in your home cleaner by cleaning the air you breathe.

For a complete list of suggestions on how to improve your home’s environment (and the world’s environment), check out the full article of suggestions from experts.

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