In California, Sea Level Rise Could Cause More Harm Than Other Natural Disasters

Golden Gate Strait and The Bridge: clear skies” by Dimitry B. licensed under CC BY 2.0

Source: LA Times

According to a recent study, sea level rise in California could lead to more damage than any other natural disaster.

Researchers took into account all of the damage that could come from sea level rise, including erosion, beach loss and coastal threats for homes, and ultimately found that more than half a million Californians in addition to $150 billion in property damage could flood by 2100, reports LA Times.

Compared to previous models that had only taken certain aspects of sea level rise damage into account, this new model by U.S. researchers from the USGS Climate Impacts and Coastal Processes Team found that at least three times the number of people would be at risk of being negatively impacted by sea level rise.

Especially for Californians living along the coast, the damage will be much more intense, with nearly three meters of sea level rise expected by 2100.

Researchers will still continue to adapt their models to add more information that will hopefully better inform communities of what to expect in the coming years with climate change and sea level rise.

For now, the models predict severe impacts, but researchers say that the effects are likely far worse than what they are currently predicting.

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