The Overlap Between Art and Environmental Matters is Growing

Goin voit rouge _DDC9458” by thierry ehrmann licensed under CC BY 2.0

Source: New York Times

Exhibits across U.S. museums today are more and more vigorously focusing on topics related to the environment, which, New York Times writes, could be helping to bring attention to the matter.

From painted scenes of desolate lands to visual data displaying the choreography of degradation in the environment, new exhibits are working to bring attention to the impact of climate change, pollution, deforestation and other critical factors that are destroying the environment.

One of the benefits of addressing environmental issues within the art space is that it takes such a delicate and yet urgent topic out of a more typical “political” landscape, and dissects it in a more inclusive and empathic space, explains Erin Espelie, co-director of the Nature, Environment, Science & Technology Studio for the Arts at the University of Colorado.

Though the approach has varied vastly from one artist to the next, New York Times writes that whether they are “using a mixture of chronology, geography, materials, ideas and collaborators,” the ultimate goal is “to express something that can at times seem indescribable.”

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