Tons of Colleges, But Few Graduates Across U.S.

“Lecture Hall” by Sholeh licensed under CC BY 2.0

Source: Forbes

In West Virginia, there is at least one public university for every 2,000 square miles and every 160,000 persons, in a place where the population is 1.8 million, according to Forbes.

Yet the number of graduates is very low, and the state has the highest unemployment rate and one of the lowest per capita income. Of its thirteen universities, only one (WVU) has a higher rate of students graduating rather than dropping out and an average income for graduate students of more than $40,000.

Forbes poses the question of why higher education is so abundant, but opportunities so minimal.

One argument is that though there are so many universities across the U.S., there are few that are providing a high quality education to students. Forbes argues that students and schools could benefit from taking down low-performing universities and instead pour resources into a few good universities to ensure all students are getting a better education.

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Education, News