Latinx Students In California Higher Education Show Major Improvements

#VLPowerSummit 2017” by yashmori licensed under CC BY 2.0

Source: Inside Higher Ed

In California, Latinx students are doing better than ever before, with more students graduating and going off to college, according to an analysis from Campaign for College Opportunity.

According to data from a new analysis, at least 9 of every 10 Latinx freshman students is enrolled in college, with nearly half of them going to community colleges. Approximately 42 percent of Latinx students are attending Cal State schools and many of those who go to community college eventually transfer to the Cal State institutions.

Graduation rates have also improved for those attending UC schools, with nearly half of those who entered college in 2010 graduating on time, compared to less than 38 percent graduating on time for the year of 2000.

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