Study: Children Fall Behind in Education in California

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Source: LA Times

A new study found that poor access to early education in California leads to students often falling behind once they start grade school.

Students that are not prepared as infant and toddlers for school are more likely to fall behind in school, researchers found, and in California fewer families have access to adequate quality care for their toddlers.

The achievement gap is growing in California while other states have shown improvement. The gap is found to be greatest among Latino and black youth compared to white and asian students.

Researchers pointed to poor salaries for early education teachers that has led to poor quality in care and education for young children in California.

“More than half of the people who provide child care qualify for federal or state welfare or other forms of public assistance” reported the Los Angeles Times. Additionally, researchers found that California has implemented the lowest standards for child care providers compared to other states.

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Children & Families, Education, News
Children & Families, Education, News