Department of Education Pledges to Fix Issues of Teacher Grants Becoming Loans

IMG21” by US Department of Education licensed under CC BY 2.0

Source: NPR

The Department of Education has pledged to fix issues that have been happening for years with teacher federal grants that were turning into loans because of mistakes made by those distributing the grants.

Thousands of teachers have qualified for the grants, which are awarded to teachers who agree to teach in a low-income neighborhood for a certain period of time in exchange for the grant. However in the process of distributing the grants over the course of the agreement, mistakes by the programs led to teachers losing their grants because they had “broken” the agreement. Although this wasn’t true in so many cases, grants of a few thousands dollars turned into loans that teachers then had worry about paying back.

In many cases, the programs would incorrectly claim that the teachers had submitted their paperwork too late and therefore broken the agreement for the grant.

Earlier this week Betsy DeVos said that the department was aware of the issue now and was taking necessary steps to fix the problem.

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