Technology, AI Creating Larger Presence in Classrooms

“WisCEL_classroom12_8095” by college.library licensed under CC BY 2.0

Source: Business Insider

With schools continuing to integrate technology within course curriculum, experts believe other technological advances, such as artificial intelligence, will become more present in classrooms in 2018.

Educators and tech leaders are transforming traditional educational methods to allow more students to understand and enjoy learning new material.

“We’re currently challenging the paradigm that all seven-year-olds are exactly the same and should be exposed to the same content,” said CEO of Silicon Schools Brian Greenberg.

While the greater inclusion of technology within classrooms has raised concern for some parents and child development experts, AI and other technological advances have created personalized learning experiences for each student.

Greater research will be conducted to assess the educational and health impacts of technology on students of all ages.

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Education, News