New Study Shows that Climate Change Impacts Birds and Mammals More than Previously Reported

Animals (197)” by Peter Pham licensed under CC BY 2.0


Researchers have recently found that the effects of global warming are much more prevalent now than most people realize.

According to the study led by Michela Pacifici of the Global Mammal Assessment Program, nearly 700 species have responded negatively to climate change.

James Watson, a scientist with the Wildlife Conservation Society, says that the impact of climate change on birds and mammals has not only been underestimated but also under-reported, which can have a negative influence on their conservation status.

Watson argues that examining data drawn from the “most-studied species on Earth” is not subject to enough scrutiny, so it is more likely that “less-studied” species are suffering similar impacts.

This study is one of the first attempts by researchers to determine the exact number of species that are experiencing the negative effects of global warming.

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