How can the US Utilize all of the Woman-power in Tech?

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Source: The Economist

In fall of 2016 alone, 20.7 million students entered higher education, and more than half of them – an estimated 11.7 million – are female. Of those students, an estimated minority of them, just 34.7 percent, will land jobs in technology, and the majority of them will pursue careers in the fields of social sciences and education.

The pool of students who pursue jobs in IT is already small compared to other fields of work, and to not give women an equal opportunity is not only unfair and outdated, but it also prevents the U.S. from tapping into an importance source of woman-power, and opportunity for economic growth.

One of the biggest deterrents for women in tech is the negative stereotypes they have to face, and also misconceptions about what IT careers entail.

Some significant changes in developing the culture of the tech industry should include a revision of the way that women are encouraged an integrated in tech careers.

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Education, News