Visual Art Programs Increasing, Yet Enrollment Looks Slim

"mfa-alumni-reading-matsunaga-2016-9621" by ASU Department of English licensed under CC BY 2.0
mfa-alumni-reading-matsunaga-2016-9621” by ASU Department of English licensed under CC BY 2.0

Source: ArtNet

Visual Arts MFA programs are experiencing a drastic decrease in enrollment across the United States, and have steadily been in a slump for the last decade or so.

According to a number or “insider” sources, interviewed by Art Net, the enrollment rate in art schools has declined steadily, while the number of MFA programs is actually increasing.

A major issue that arises is that more schools have to battle out for students, as more students are seeing MFA programs as an unnecessary economic burden. Even professional educators and executives in the art world debate the usefulness of pursuing MFA programs, especially if it comes with incredible debt for those who pull loans to afford tuition.

Many art schools have started reaching out to international students to fill slots, but that effort presents issues of its own, such as a student’s inability to take on rigorous critiques in English courses, and in turn his or her inability to finish the course.

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