Is the Achievement Gap Finally Closing?

"IMG81" by US Department of Education licensed under CC BY 2.0
IMG81” by US Department of Education licensed under CC BY 2.0

Source: Huffington Post

The ‘achievement gap’ may be closing between children of poor and rich economic status, according to new studies published in the journal American Educational Research Association.

One of the studies examined ‘school readiness’ for children entering kindergarten, and found that children from low-income families have skills that are nearly in line with those of children who come from rich families.

Another study found that parents are more involved in the educational experiences for their children now, than they were previously.

“The new study shows this gap closing by 10 to 16 percent between 1998 and 2010,” as reported by Huffington Post. Researchers of the study concluded that the new data will urge the nation invest in understanding what factors are closing the gap, and developing those tactics.

The study noted however that even if the achievement gap continues to close at the same rate as it has, it would take up to 110 years before it completely closes.

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Children & Families, Education, News
Children & Families, Education, News