The Intersection Between Crime and Education

"Gang Unit" by 888bailbond licensed under CC BY 2.0
Gang Unit” by 888bailbond licensed under CC BY 2.0

Source: WHEC

Rochestor, New York has one of the lowest ranked school districts and a very high crime rate and officials are looking to explore the link between both.

According to Rochestor prison data reports, from voluntary surveys, 32 percent of arrested criminals graduated from high school, while 33 percent dropped out in middle or high school and only 8 percent or less had a college degree.

Officials note that while the data is from voluntary surveys, it is still an indicator that improving educational opportunities can create “paths to success.” Nevertheless, there are many studies that support that receiving a great education has positive impacts on health and development.

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Education, Justice & Poverty, News
Education, Justice & Poverty, News