Despite Green Efforts, Fossil Fuel Continues to Dominate in Next 2 Decades

Source: Scientific American

Fossil fuels will continue to be the dominant source of energy into 2040, according to the US Energy Information Administration (EIA).

Well into 2040, the use of coal, gas and oil will be prominent still and even growing in some countries where the demand for petroleum will need to meet economic growth, like in Brazil and India, a report from the Department of Energy found. But, as the fossil fuels continue to burn into the next decades, the “associated rise in carbon emissions will not keep pace with the overall energy consumption,” reports SA. In fact, the increase of CO2 is estimated to be 34% over the next 24 years, compared to 12% in two years (2010-2012).

Critics of the report suggest that the estimated level of carbon emissions from non-renewable energy sources doesn’t take into account important changes in policy around the world that seek to reduce carbon emissions significantly in the next years.

Overall, China and the US have made significant changes in energy-related policy within the last few years and are already demonstrating impressive advancements in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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Environment, News