Asia Shows Significant Improvements in Higher Education

"Girls from School of Eninge Engineering" by Kan Wu licensed under CC BY 2.0
Girls from School of Eninge Engineering” by Kan Wu licensed under CC BY 2.0

Source: Forbes

The Times Higher Education report on rankings of higher education around the world shows that Asia has significantly improved its profile as a leader.

In just one year, China increased its presence on “top 100 universities” list from just ten in 2015, to seventeen that made the list this year – a few of which ranked top 20. Although US universities rank top ten every year, Asian countries have demonstrated significant and noteworthy improvement that signifies a shift in economical power.

Universities are ranked based on the feedback from 10,000 academics, who evaluate a nation’s excellence in research and teaching disciplines.

Officials of the report note that while the list may be subjective, it is important for noting improvements or shifts in the level of innovation and subject matter expertise, by comparing rankings across the years.

The lead editor of the report noted that Asia’s increased investment in higher education indicates that a “balance of power in higher education and research is slowly shifting from the West to the East.”

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Education, News