Peninsula Open Space Trust Launches Farmland Initiative on San Mateo County Coast

"California Coastline" by Rennett Stowe licensed under CC BY 2.0
California Coastline” by Rennett Stowe licensed under CC BY 2.0

Source: San Jose Mercury News

According to the San Jose Mercury News the Palo Alto nonprofit, Peninsula Open Space Trust (POST) plans to “spend $25 million over the next 10 years on a campaign to triple the amount of protected farmland between Pacifica and the Santa Cruz County line.” The effort is meant to halt the 35% overall drop in farmland witnessed by San Mateo County since 1984.

To accomplish this initiative, POST plans to by uncultivated farmland and resell it to farmers while keeping the development rights, or buy land development rights from current farmers.

Jess Brown, the executive director of the San Mateo County Farm Bureau, has spoken out against the plan, saying that agricultural land has often been lost in the kinds of deals managed by POST and that strict zoning rules make development not a pressing threat in the area.

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