New College Coalition Challenges Common Application to Reshape College Admissions

Source: New York Times

The new organization, “Coalition for Access, Affordability and Success,” has committed to launching free online planning tools in April and a new college application in July to students applying for the class of 2021. Led by admissions deans from across the US, the young organization already has some of the most prestigious institutions backing its endeavors, including all eight Ivies and liberal arts powerhouses Bowdoin and Amherst. Its new application- an online multimedia portfolio which can be started as early as ninth grade- purports to be the key to unlocking the authentic expression of college applicants.

In addition to pushing for a holistic application, the group’s organizers believe beginning the process earlier will improve admission chances for low-income and first-generation students, for whom information on how to successfully to apply to colleges often comes too late. Despite its potential for positive change, some critics of the coalition argue that the early application process will merely add undue stress to young students already busy adjusting high school.

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Education, News