Children and Families Remain in Mexico After Weeks of Seeking Asylum

Source: Time

More than 1,400 children and their families are living in tent encampments in parts of Mexico, as they wait for weeks on end to claim asylum in the U.S.

The administration’s “Remain in Mexico Policy” has left many stranded and waiting for help. Though volunteers have been helping families, experts say that the children are clearly developing trauma from this experience, and being exposed to this type of trauma early on can result in poor mental health outcomes down the line.

Many of these families are from Central America and are fleeing dangerous situations, now solely relying on the donations of those who are willing to help them.

Additionally, these families are exposed to danger as they sleep in tents and are prone to robbery, harrassment, or even rape.

“These people are prey to anybody who wants to come and take advantage of them,” says Lilli Rey, the founder of BABR, as reported by Time.

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Children & Families, News
Children & Families, News