Study Finds Many Young Children Who Eventually Transition Already Have a Strong Sense of Their Identity

Orange Tunnel, Man and Boy” by Barney Moss licensed under CC BY 2.0

Source: The Atlantic

According to a new study from the University of Washington, children who are gender non-conforming and who eventually transition already had a strong sense of their identity, reports The Atlantic.

The study which has been running since 2013, tracked more than 80 children who were non-conforming to their assigned gender and found that many of those who weren’t necessarily referring to themselves as the opposite gender were already clearly identifying with the opposite gender.

“Our study suggests that it’s not random,” she says. “We can’t say this kid will be trans and this one won’t be, but it’s not that we have no idea!”, said one of the lead researchers.

Essentially researchers were able to analyze their data on these children and find that those who expressed identifying with the opposite gender were more likely to eventually transition. Children as young as three years old were already identifying more with the opposite gender and were trying to communicate that in one way or another, researchers said.

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