Here’s How Housing Units Are Making Greater Efforts to Improve Residents’ Health

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Source: Forbes

A new study from the Council of Large Public Housing Authorities found that public housing authorities are improving efforts to partner up with health providers to create better housing environments for residents.

“Recent research shows that housing is both a social determinant of health and a platform for other services that improve life outcomes,” said Executive Director Sunia Zaterman, Council of Large Public Housing Authorities.

According to the study, less than 13 percent of public housing spaces in the U.S. have staff dedicated solely to health in housing.

Housing has been determined to be one of the primary social determinants of health, and now more housing authorities are looking for new ways to partner up with health care providers to provide care where it is needed the most and where it will be the most effective.

One of the bigger partnerships that will come into play in the new year is between the Council of Large Public Housing Authorities and UnitedHealthcare Community and State which will work to align goals for housing and health care system to provide care for those in federally assisted housing.

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Health, Justice & Poverty, News