Children Report Hundreds of Cases of Abuse at Summer Camps

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Source: CBS News

A new investigation found that hundreds of children have been sexually abused in summer camps across the country over the last 50 years. This year alone, 21 cases came to the forefront, as reported by CBS News.

Experts say this data is likely the “tip of the iceberg” since many cases go unreported for fear of being shamed.

One expert from the University of Washington, researcher Jon Conte, says that these types of spaces create a false sense of security for young teens and the separation from parents makes it “ideal” for predators.

One of the biggest issues that is making it easier for predators is that in many states, a license or background check is not required for the camps and its staff. There are currently no national standards, and standards vary from state to state. Though there are certain organizations dedicated to monitor children’s camps, such as American Camp Association, there is still no licensing for camps that runs across the entire nation.

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