Cigarette Use in the U.S. is at Its Lowest Ever, Says CDC

Cigarette” by Sara Matzek licensed under CC BY 2.0

Source: CNN

According to a new report from the CDC based on data from the National Health Interview survey, the use of cigarettes across the U.S. has leveled off and is at its lowest ever since the centers began collecting data in the 60s.

Researchers said the percentage of cigarette users in the U.S. is at approximately 14 percent, compared to 40 percent back in the 60s. Additionally, less than 20 percent of Americans used any tobacco product at all last year, reported CNN.

The study included data on more than 25,000 Americans, and does not include those who vape, use e-cigarettes, and who use smokeless tobacco products. The largest percentage of smokers was between the ages of 22 and 44, and mostly male.

One reason for the decline in smokers is that there are better intervention programs and price spikes, says the author of the report, Brian King.

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