US Faces Shortage of Injected Painkillers for Patients

Painkillers” by cpradi licensed under CC BY 2.0

Source: ABC News

Hospitals are often running low on injected painkillers for patients battling with opioid addictions, leading to cases in which doctors and pharmacists have to ration their painkillers and decide which patients need them the most.

In some cases doctors have to give patients alternative painkillers that are not as effective, leaving them with little to no adequate pain control.

The American Medical Association declared a shortage of painkillers a public health crisis and sought to urge federal agencies to develop solutions through medicine factories.

Shortages started occurring after medicine factories had to temporarily close down to fix problems with sterility that were identified by the Food and Drug Administration. The shortages have led to hospitals and doctors having to closely monitor and ration painkillers.

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