Can Putting An Economic Value on Human Health Encourage Nations to Invest More In Their People?

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Source: Quartz

Can putting an economic value on the health of humans encourage more nations to want to invest in their people?

This idea comes from leaders of the World Bank under the Human Capital Index Project, which is meant to put nations on a scale that ranks them based on the health of their people. It essentially evaluates how much a country invests in its people’s health and education, in an effort to call out the nations that are not investing enough in these areas when they have the proper resources to do so.

Studies have shown that a country’s investments in education and health have the highest return and can generate more wealth than other types of investments.

Leaders of the World Bank who have spearheaded the project say that they hope that this initiative will urge nations to do more for their people by investing in health and education, instead of focusing too much on “hard investments” such as infrastructure.

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