Children More Likely to be Victims of Identity Theft

“Identity Theft” by GotCredit licensed under CC BY 2.0

Source: Gizmodo

A new study found that more than $2.6 billion in losses are attributed to identity theft of children, which has in turn resulted in more than $540 million in costs for families of the children affected.

At least one million children were impacted by identity theft within one year, according to a recent study by Javelin Strategy and Research.

The study also found that most children who are victims to identity theft know their perpetrator, while very few of adults who are victims know the perpetrator.

Children’s digital identities are more aggressively sought because they are less likely to be monitored by the adults in their families, and as a result, at least 11 percent of households were compromised in the last year.

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Children & Families, News