States Fight to Bring Back Elements of Affordable Care Act

Rally to Save the ACA” by Molly Adams licensed under CC BY 2.0

Source: New York Times

While the Trump administration has been working to take apart the Affordable Care Act, a number of states are working to implement elements of Obamacare.

Some states, for example, want to implement different versions of the Individual insurance mandate, which required people who could afford insurance to pay a fine if they were not signed up for a plan after a certain period of time.

Variations of the mandate have been proposed in states such as Maryland, where state senators want to implement rules that people who can afford insurance and don’t buy it will be charged a fine, but that fine can be used as a down payment toward a health plan, as reported by the New York Times.

The result will likely be that the varying legislation on health plan regulations across the states will lead to Americans having very different health care options according to the state that they live in, with disparities in price of plans and benefits.

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