Does Art Therapy Really Work?

Art therapy” by Cluster Munition Coalition licensed under CC BY 2.0

Sources: Star2 & Local10 News

Studies have shown the benefits of art therapy on patients’ mental and emotional health, and have indicated that art can help patients with autism specifically to develop improved social skills.

People who have autism face difficulties in communication and art can become a powerful alternative channel of expression and communication.

Second Lady Karen Pence, who is an artist herself, is a long-standing advocate of art therapy and has dedicated much of her life to bringing attention to the power of art therapy.

“Art therapy can be used for anyone who is experiencing trauma,” she told CBN, particularly for groups that are highly vulnerable, such as children in hospitals who are suffering from trauma.

Studies have shown that art therapy is particularly effective for patients with autism because of their heightened creative skills, which can be developed through various mediums, and in encouraging children with autism to engage their creative skills, they might begin to develop a better sense of independence.

“Earning a living is important as one day these children will have to fend for themselves. If we don’t teach or train them, whether it is in art, culinary skills, laundry or baking, then they will be depending on others to help them out. Even if parents have money saved, it may not be able to last several decades. The biggest concern is when parents are no longer living to care for these children,” said one mother of three in an interview with Star2.

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