If the Content is Good, All Kinds of Viewers Will Watch

“black-ish” by Peabody Awards licensed under CC BY 2.0

Source: Forbes

“If the content is good, all kinds of viewers will watch,” Forbes published in a recent article.

Diversifying figures on television is not only inclusive, protective of America’s standard of equality, and fair…but also reaps financial benefits, for those who were skeptical.

“Content development and programming decisions are often made based on the assumption that content with diverse casts or themes is niche, and therefore comes with inherent perceived risk of limited audience appeal,” says Courtney Jones, Nielsen’s VP of multicultural growth and strategy, as reported by Forbes.

Nielsen, the info, data and measuring company, reported that new research proves that casts with black leads “garner substantial viewership of non-African Americans.”

Shows that have racially-centered storylines, like The Misadventures of an Awkward Black Girl or Black-ish or Atlanta, have all proven that they are drawing audiences of all races, many of them with equal or greater viewership of white audiences.

Contrary to the belief that shows centered on main characters who are African-American will not gain significant audiences, data indicates that diversity of casts in shows are even reaching new audiences in America.

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