Experiencing the World Through Technology

Snapchat” by Maurizio Pesce licensed under CC BY 2.0

Source: The New Yorker

Technology has become central to the way that people experience their environments, in places like the United States, Asia, and Europe. Having access to smartphones and technology allows us to access and digest more information and resources.

Companies like Snapchat and Facebook have become primary platforms for exploring the power of technology in connecting humans through public dialogues and tremendous clouds of space, where users can upload information.

For the past months, Snapchat has focused its efforts on leveraging the power of the camera to create databases of images that will then help build more technology for humans to continue exploring their world through images, as they do now. Search engines will use the billions of photos uploaded through Snapchat every day to yield more accurate “object recognition” and users might increasingly become more invested, more reliant perhaps, on images to consume and understand their world.

While it’s obvious that many companies invest in technology now to better compete in their respective markets, it’s less known that nonprofit organizations too make use of technology to both attract, inform, and better serve beneficiaries.

Director of HistoryMiami Museum for example, explains in this recent interview the ways in which the art museum has shaped its exhibits with the “selfie” in mind, rethinking consumption of art through technology.

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