Obama Administration Pushes for Rule to Help Americans Earn Overtime Pay

Department of Labor Building, Washington, D. C.” by Boston Public Library licensed under CC BY 2.0

Source: WSJ

The Obama administration has submitted an appeal to an injunction that had setback Obama’s new rule to help more low income Americans earn overtime pay. The Department of Labor sought to appeal the preliminary injunction issued by Judge Amos Mazzant of Texas.

The overtime pay rule would have extended overtime pay benefits to millions of Americans, requiring employers to pay overtime to those with a salary of less than $47,000. The rule would have been effective December 1.

Critics of the rule argued that the number (doubling the current salary maximum to benefit from overtime pay, $23,600) is too high, and unsustainable for smaller businesses that would end up paying millions of extra dollars in salaries. Those who supported the rule defended it as fair for those who work millions of extra hours a year without pay.

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Justice & Poverty, News