How Women’s Social Impact has Changed

"Georgia Army Guard Commander among 'Women of Influence' panel" by Georgia National Guard licensed under CC BY 2.0
Georgia Army Guard Commander among ‘Women of Influence’ panel” by Georgia National Guard licensed under CC BY 2.0

Source: The Atlantic

Civic organizations are suffering from the absence of women who are now taking up more jobs in major industries, and moving away from the volunteer work that once propelled social good organizations, The Atlantic reports.

Women’s influence in the wellness of civic society is undeniable and women are important leaders for local communities to fight for women’s rights. Over the years, groups and associations led by women have also served to help women “form sense of class” and develop political consciousness as they became powerful figures for political change.

Women-led associations have over the years drastically declined.

“People who have lost the most from the decline of local associations are those who are least educated and wealthy,” reported The Atlantic.

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Justice & Poverty, News
Justice & Poverty, News