TX: 18th-century Spanish Mission Partners with Food Bank to Feed Hungry

"Mission San Juan Capistrano" by Tim Buss licensed under CC BY 2.0
Mission San Juan Capistrano” by Tim Buss licensed under CC BY 2.0

Source: Nat Geo

The 18th century San Juan Capistrano Mission in Texas is partnering with the San Antonio Food Bank to cultivate 45 acres of land that will help feed hundreds of hungry people.

The Mission is part of Texas’ national parks and the parks’ rangers had been looking to restore the farmland for years, but hadn’t the expertise to execute the project. San Antonio’s Food Bank staff was therefore an excellent partner for the project, since the organization has experience farming 23 acres of land every year to feed hundreds of hungry people in south west Texas. The new project is estimated to produce an extra 500,000 pounds of produce for distribution.

“It’s a beautiful place to have that impact on the environment and peoples’ health, to connect the past with the present and future of food production,” says Patrick Brennan, the food bank’s agriculture initiatives and facilities manager, as reported by National Geographic.

The partnership includes a deal to maintain a “5-acres demonstration farm” using ancient irrigation systems and farming strategies, as an attempt to preserve historical practices, culture and maintain authenticity. Squash, blue corn and traditional Mexican crops will be among the main crops planted, starting in early 2017.

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Justice & Poverty, News