32,000 Art Objects From Bauhaus Available Online

"Das Bauhaus" by Maarten licensed under CC BY 2.0
Das Bauhaus” by Maarten licensed under CC BY 2.0

Source: Archpaper

Harvard University Museums recently announced a new online resource to make a special collection from the Bauhaus available to the public.

The online collection includes objects across all art mediums, such as paintings, sculptures, drawings and even class notes from the famous and influential school of art and design.

The digital collection of more than 32,000 objects is meant to make influential art creations accessible to a broader public and also meant to encourage deeper understanding and research of the unique collection.

Bauhaus online resource is divided into five sections, among them a division of the art mediums, an abstract on Bauhaus in relation to Harvard University, and a  map of Boston depicting points of interest.

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