Navigating Financial Obstacles to Birth Control

"Don't Take Away My Birth Control" by Women's eNews licensed under CC BY 2.0
Don’t Take Away My Birth Control” by Women’s eNews licensed under CC BY 2.0

Source: Bustle

A new health app is targeting the issue of inaccessibility of birth control for women of low-income. Co-pays, visits to the doctor and purchasing the actual birth control can become expensive for women of low-income households, and can dissuade them from going through the process.

The health app “Lemonaid” provides access to online interaction and consultation with doctors and birth control options.

“According to a 2015 report by the Brookings Institute think tank, financial obstacles frequently leave low-income women unable to dictate their own fertility and several limit their family planning choices,” Bustle reports.

“This leads to disproportionately higher rates of unplanned pregnancies, which, as a flawed system would have it, also results in higher rates of poverty, less family stability, and fewer opportunities for a child’s success.”

Continued improvements to online and mobile accessibility to health care and birth control could help close the gap for low-income women who are most affected by the legislative and financial barriers limiting their access to birth control and family planning.

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