SF, CA: Major news sources banding together next month on homelessness crisis

"San Francisco Skyline" by Jitze Couperus licensed under CC BY 2.0
San Francisco Skyline” by Jitze Couperus licensed under CC BY 2.0

Source: NY TIMES

At least 30 major news outlets in San Francisco are banding together to raise awareness of the city’s chronic issue of homelessness.

On June 29 major news orgs will lead an entire day of coverage on the crisis, “flooding” the Internet with profiles on homeless individuals, the obstacles, and even possible solutions to help over 6,000 homeless individuals.

Led by the San Francisco Chronicle in conjunction with the city’s biggest online news publications, TV station and radio leaders, the effort will put pressure on lawmakers and politicians to address the issue and develop solutions.

“We are all fed up. We feel there is not enough movement and accountability on the issue,” Jon Steinberg, editor in chief of the San Francisco magazine, told the New York Times.

For the entire day — and even for the week — participating networks will put aside competition, coordinating to share resources and offer full coverage on the issue.

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