FDA Redefines “Healthy” Foods to Include ‘Fat’

"Kind Snack Bars Healthy Snacks" by Mike Mozart licensed under CC BY 2.0
Kind Snack Bars Healthy Snacks” by Mike Mozart licensed under CC BY 2.0

Source: NPR

After a quarrel with the maker of Kind Bar, the FDA stated that it will seek both expert and public comment to redefine what constitutes a “healthy” food, to determine who can use the term when labeling food.

Food that currently qualifies as “healthy” cannot have more than three grams of fat, among other qualifications. This means that foods that include nuts do not qualify, since nuts are high in natural fats. As new research in the last decade has confirmed that plant-based fats are healthful and help maintain cardiovascular and mental health, the term “healthy” needs to be redefined to not omit foods with fat, the FDA stated.

America’s obsession with “fat-free” is coming to an end as “low-fat” is no longer an accurate indicator of what is healthy, suggests Thomas Sherman, a professor who teaches nutrition at Georgetown University. America is moving away from the term vilifying fat content in foods.

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