Equal Pay for Women Increases GDP by Trillions

"How to run an effective meeting" by Nguyen Hung Vu licensed under CC BY 2.0
How to run an effective meeting” by Nguyen Hung Vu licensed under CC BY 2.0

Source: The Atlantic

A new study found that if women are paid equally and given parity in the workforce, the economy too could greatly benefit. Research published in the McKinsey Global Institute points to a number of ways in which GDP in the US economy would increase, with an estimated growth of $4.3 trillion, assuming women attained completely equal pay and opportunity.

In the last year the once growing pay rate for women was stalled again, despite the fact that more women hold college degrees than men, and despite the increases in women joining the workforce.

The report makes the case that everyone could benefit if more businesses and the government would invest in expanding opportunities for women to join the workforce and to receive equal pay. However, the report also looks at the ways in which ‘benefits for everyone’ should not be the only means to justify greater investment in half of our populations’ success in careers. “It is simply the right thing to do,” the Atlantic reports.

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Justice & Poverty, News