Is The Govt. Wasting Taxpayer Money on Arts?

Source: The Atlantic

The US House Committee on Oversight and Govt. Reform launched a movement to find out how much the federal government spends on art with taxpayers’ money.

In an effort to reduce wasted taxpayer money, Republic Representative Jason Chaffetz, from Utah’s third district, led the effort with a letter to 25 government agency leaders, requesting documentation of all art expenditures for their respective agencies. While purchasing art in all forms helps foster a cultural, diverse and productive space, Chaffetz’s letter will pull hard numbers that will examine ‘excessive’ expenses.

By April 4, Congress will have an account of the artwork in possession of federal agencies, along with lists of artifacts, contracts, insurance premiums and all expenditures related to art purchases. Opponents of the scrutinizing move might argue that funds are better scrutinized elsewhere, and the arts are not a waste.

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