Obama’s Nominee Merrick Garland Stumps Republican

"US Supreme Court" by regexman licensed under CC BY 2.0
US Supreme Court” by regexman licensed under CC BY 2.0

Source: LA Times

The Republican controlled senate – who has previously vocalized that they will not consider a Supreme Court nominee before the next Presidential election – faces a tough decision as Obama’s recently selected nominee is actually one that Republicans have lobbied for in the past.

Merrick Garland, who is widely considered a centrist in practice, has been selected by President Obama as a nominee for the Federal Supreme Court, and if elected could be considered the “compromise” between Democrats and Republicans. His nomination would also tip the make of the federal court to be majority liberal.

Obama selected Garland on the basis of his credentials, intellect, experience and previously demonstrated tactfulness, not necessarily based on his ideology. Although there is evidence that some Republicans would support the nomination – and potentially lead to the first consideration of a Supreme Court nomination by a Democratic president since 1895 – some still maintain that “no nominee should receive senate consideration before the election.”

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