Regenerating Human Heart Cells in the 21st Century

"doctor" by Army Medicine licensed under CC BY 2.0
doctor” by Army Medicine licensed under CC BY 2.0

Source: Tech Times

Scientists have found a way to regenerate human heart tissue by using human cells stripped from donated hearts. The study published in Circulation Research was lead by Jacques Guyette, from Massachusetts General Hospital Center for Regenerative Medicine.

“To grow a heart tissue, the cells need a scaffold to give them shape. This is known as the extra cellular matrix, which is made from the proteins that cells secrete. But growing this natural scaffold takes time,” according to lead scientists.

The study therefore used 73 donated hearts that were deemed unfit for transplant and stripped them of their outer cells through a process using detergent, and used them to regenerate heart tissue. The cells which were degenerate to stem cells were exposed to conditions within a heart and were deemed to be functioning properly.

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Health, News