2016 Top Destinations for Ethical Travel

Source: San Francisco Chronicle

This month the Berkeley nonprofit, Ethical Traveler, released its list of the “World’s Best Ethical Destinations for 2016,” compiled based on the destinations’ efforts to promote human rights, preserve the environment, and support social welfare, reports the San Francisco Chronicle.

An example of their logic, Ethical Traveler chose Cabo Verde because of its high proportion of women in high-ranking leadership positions and for its public support of gay rights. In terms of environmental protection, Grenada was chosen for its efforts to protect and regenerate its coral reefs.

Other spots that made the cut were Dominica, Micronesia, Mongolia, Panama, Samoa, Tonga, Tuvalu, and Uruguay.

According to Ethical Traveler, tourists who decide to visit these places will be using their economic power to “strengthen human rights and the environment.”

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