Oakland Nonprofit Nurtures Developmentally Disabled Adults into Professional Artists

Source: New York Times

According to the New York Times, Oakland nonprofit, Creative Growth, founded by a psychologist and artist husband-wife duo in 1974, has built a stunning track record for nurturing remarkably talented artists, all of whom are developmentally disabled. In its most recent “market success,” one artist at the organization sold 35 sculptures for $8,000 to Facebook, which are now displayed at the company’s headquarters in Menlo Park.

These high profile purchases are not uncommon for the nonprofit, which has also been connecting its artists to international dealers and Manhattan galleries since the rise of interest in Art Brut, or art made by untrained, solitary artists. With the rise of this movement, Creative Growth saw its first international recognition after promoting the works of sketch artist Dwight Mackintosh and sculptor Judith Scott.

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