A Round Up of 2015’s Biggest Philanthropic Investments in Social Change

Source: Forbes;

According to research by the Bridgespan Group, a Boston-based nonprofit advisory, there exists an “aspiration gap” between wealthy donors’ hopes for sweeping social change and where they actually invest their money. Only 20% of large philanthropic investments actually address “big bets” like disease-eradication and education reform.

However, this year, some unique gifts showed an increased connection between donor hopes for huge social change and how they invested their dollars, pointing the way forward for smarter social philanthropy in 2016. Here are the top three, as reported by Forbes: $1.55 billion from the Gates to GAVI, the vaccine alliance that increases immunization rates worldwide; $177 million from Chuck Feeney to UCSF and Trinity College Dublin to help prevent dementia; and $55 million from Steve and Alexandra Cohen for the prevention and treatment of Lyme Disease.

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