How the Columbine Tragedy Led Local Girl’s Inc. Leader to Nonprofit Work

"Taste 2014" by Girls Inc. licensed under CC BY 2.0
Taste 2014” by Girls Inc. licensed under CC BY 2.0


The new executive director of the Jacksonville Girls Inc. has a successful history of impactful work in youth development behind her, but that was not always the trajectory of her career. It was not until the occurrence of the Columbine shootings, where her daughter was a freshman at the time, that Robin Rose decided to pursue what would be a prolific career in positive youth development.

Post Columbine, after fifteen years in the aviation industry, Rose completed a master’s and doctorate in conflict resolution. She then went on to hold executive positions at youth-focused organizations Frameworks of Tampa Bay Inc., Girls Inc of Sarasota, and OneCommunity Inc. Rose’s new position as the executive director of Girls Inc. Jacksonville marks the next phase in honoring the commitment she made after Columbine to work in the social sector.

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