Cities Across U.S. Adopt Community Model for Homeless Housing

Source: KQED

In Washington DC, the Institute for Public Architecture and other nonprofit groups are backing a public housing project that takes a radical approach to ending homelessness- creating visually appealing apartment complexes that focuses on quality of space over density of units.

The $33M dollar building will feature an outdoor patio, a gym, cafe, and an in-house office for social services referrals. Supporters of the initiative claim that this type of housing, although expensive, serves the homeless better by directly responding to the issues that put them on the streets.

This type of model has already found success in L.A. with the Palo Verde Apartments. One resident of the apartments, Emily Martiniuk, told KQED that the beautiful appearance of the apartments positively influences her volatile mental health, which had originally put her in the streets.

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Justice & Poverty, News
Justice & Poverty, News